Kayleigh & Ian

Photography by: Brandy Meyers (www.brandymeyers.com) 

If I have to give an award for the most unique bridal experience of the 2016 season, I would have to say that Kayleigh would hands down win it. This girl is such an incredibly interesting woman with an amazing sense of style! 

Kayleigh immigrated here from England and is employed as a large animal veterinary technician. She not only works on a farm with cattle but also lives on one in the small Ontario village of Ethel near Listowel. Not to completely stereotype her as a country girl, but I didn't expect when she came into the studio for her trial that she would be so completely fashion forward and knowledgable about the hair and makeup industry. This girl loves big hair, high fashion accessories and glamour! Therefore, we were instantly friends! :-)

For trial number one, Kayleigh showed me some photos of low buns that were voluminous and structured. Her makeup look was inspired by photos that showed a winged liner with a soft smoke on the top lid and a lot of highlighter. This is what I was able to come up with:

When Kayleigh went home, she sent me some bridal revisions. She felt like the hair was just not glamourous enough. We needed more height on the sides and on top. She also didn't like the highlighter on the brow bone or the way that the liner started close into the tear duct. So what did we do? We opted for trial number 2 to perfect our alterations! Check it out:

The hair changed from low to high and the makeup from frosty and light to more neutral and soft. We nailed it on the second trial and I felt really prepared for her big day! (** Note: I must say that this updo still remains one of my favourites of all time.)

Although we had planned everything from the smallest detail during the trial, what we did not plan for was the INTENSITY of the weather that day. It was HOT. And I mean HOT. It was raining like crazy, windy and aggressively humid. Although this climate is the most difficult to do hair and makeup in, the girls (Katlyn McCulley-Hayden did hair and Carolina Soares did makeup) got us all set up with fans and we used our most aggressive antihumidity products (including powder powder powder) and got to work. 

Kayleigh's entire ceremony was planned to be outside and it had been her dream to marry Ian on the beautiful landscape surrounding her home. Just as the ceremony was about to begin, the torrential downpour of rain stopped, the clouds parted and she was able to execute her wedding as she had hoped to. It honestly felt like we were given a sign in that moment. It was truly magical!

Kayleigh, thank you so much for putting your trust in my hands and allowing me to customize the look for your British high-glam country wedding. It was truly a pleasure getting to know you! Congratulations as you embark on this new journey!