Katryna & Mark

Photography by Cameron Shaver (www.cameronshaver.com) 

Katryna was first referred to me by Lucy and Jenn; two of her bridesmaids whom I had previously done wedding-day makeup and hair for. Casey, the third bridesmaid, is getting married next year and just booked me for her day as well. This means that I will go full circle in this group of friend's weddings. Can I just say, as a stylist, how awesome that is for me? Not only because I can pay my mortgage (Haha! Stole that line from Cameron :-)) but also because it means that I have gotten to know these girls REALLY well throughout the years, as brides and as bridesmaids! I have built a personal relationship with each one of them which has really allowed me to cater their bridal styling accordingly. 

How do I even begin to describe Katryna? She is sassy, fun, hilarious and super positive. She's the type of girl who walks into a room and commands attention simply by being there. She makes situations feel happy and makes everyone around her feel so comfortable, yet also so special. I have loved getting to know this girl!  

Katryna did a lot of work prior to her wedding day with diet and exercise in order to feel her best. I had the pleasure of watching her transform throughout the year into such a confident and sexy woman. When we landed on her trial day, we decided that we wanted our key theme to be SEXY which for her meant long beautiful hair and defined makeup. 

During her trial, I got Katryna to look through my line of hair extensions (Clip in Cabelo - 100% Brazilian Human Hair extensions) and choose the colour that she liked the best. She went for colour #60 which is a stunningly cool platinum blonde. I had not done her colour before the trial so the extensions didn't match but I guaranteed her that they would after a couple of color sessions. 

After I highlighted and cooled down her hair colour and analyzed her trial photos, I decided to change our eyeshadow direction from golden warm tones (which matched her previous hair colour) to cool silver tones and really play up the Old Hollywood red lip which went perfectly with her pearls. 


With the help from Katlyn who did the bridesmaid's hair, the day flowed beautifully and turned into the fairytale that Katryna and I had been talking about for a year. It was flawless. :-) 

Thanks again for the referral Lucy and Jenn and a big congratulations to the beautiful Katryna! I have enjoyed our many hair appointments, laughs and shared stories and was truly honoured to be apart of your special day!