Jessica & Brad

Photography by Lindsay Coulter ( 

Jessica is literally bridal barbie. If bridal barbie came out after Jessica got married, I would have definitely said that Mattel somehow found this blog and copied her (wishful thinking maybe? Thanks for reading my blog Mattel!) She is absolutely beyond beautiful. The best part about her though is not her gorgeous figure, perfect feminine facial features and shiny blonde hair - it's her sweetness. She is hands down, one of the sweetest and most easygoing girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. 

Jessica decided not to go with a bridal trial because she didn't have any events coming up that required such fancy hair and makeup. I was not kidding when I told you that she was easygoing. Naturally, me being a psychotic perfectionist, I had a minor panic attack and wrote her about 5 emails convincing her to come in. Instead, she emailed me some looks she liked, came in for me to color match her and order her a custom set of extensions and then happily told me she was excited to see me on the day of the wedding.

But...wait...what if you don't like how I do your hair on the most important day of your life? I will crumble in dispair!!! 

Therefore, I took her bridal inspiration image that she sent me, did it on a mannequin head and sent her 360 degree videos and photos of the hair on the night before her wedding for critique. I am really that crazy people. Being Jessica, she loved it, had no revisions or negative things to say so...we went with it! 

This is her inspiration: 


This is my mannequin head take on the inspiration photo: 


With help from Katlyn McCulley-Hayden who did all of the bridesmaid's hair, the wedding went off without a hitch and was the perfect wedding day for bridal Barbie and Ken! 

Thank you for choosing me and my team as your bridal glam squad Jessica! We wish you and Brad nothing but the most beautiful marriage! Congratulations!