Lisa & Steve

In my ten years of doing makeup and hair for wedding parties, I can say with true sincerity, that this couple was one of the most deeply in love humans I have ever known. I had the absolute pleasure of being apart of Lisa's special morning getting her ready to walk down the aisle into the arms of the love of her life. I feel so honoured to have been able to share this moment with such a beautiful family and such a truly special, kind-hearted and wonderful bride!

Photography by Denise Belanger (


Lisa is a radiant woman who is often compared to the celebrity Julia Roberts (and I think we can all see why!). She has the most stunning big eyes, a beautiful mouth with full lips and defined cheekbones. Her trial was scheduled for her bridal engagement session. 

Lisa always imagined having big beautiful hair on her wedding day, however, her natural hair is collar bone length and fine in texture. We added a set of Cabelo Human Hair Extensions (clip in) in the platinum collection to give it the added length and fullness that it needed. 

Her makeup was a breeze to do because there was not a lot of correction needed. She gave me some creative freedom so I choose to do an iridescent silver shadow that melted into a gold and then into a bronzed smoke at the end. We added some liquid liner and a full set of dramatic lashes for pop! Underneath the eye, we opted for some dark brown liner and mascara for definition but not too much drama. The lips were kept neutral so that the focal point remained on the eyes. 

Her engagement pictures turned out ridiculously beautiful after our session!

The actual wedding day went off without a hitch as I focused on perfecting the look already created for her special day. :-) 

Thank you so much Lisa for choosing me as your bridal makeup and hair artist and allowing me to be a part of your incredible day!