Why I Can Not Make You Look Like Someone On Pinterest

As I'm sure we all know, I adore what I do! I love making people feel beautiful!  It's empowering to give someone a new sense of confidence or have them feel amazed by how quickly they can transform into a new version of themselves right before their own eyes. 

You know what I don't love though?


Okay..let's be real now...that may be an overstatement. 

 I totally love Pinterest too! I love going on there and pinning away what I want my house, hair, body, baby and DIY's to look like! Love it! How could you not?

However, Pinterest is a great tool to use for INSPIRATION and not REPLICATION. After the last two years since Pinterest has really blown up, I want to stand up on a building and shout out to the world including little bridal ears: "I CANNOT MAKE YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE SOMEONE ON PINTEREST!"

"Why? Is it because you suck?" you may ask. 

No....it's unfortunately not because I suck even though that would be an easier explanation to give to some clients (Haha! Just kidding! I love you guys!). It's many many many other reasons.

Let's review:

1. You may not have that person's hair texture, thickness, colour or length. You may not have that person's eye shape, eye or skin colour, skin texture or facial structure. What I can do is give you extensions, put bronzer on, highlight your cheekbones, use a hair sponge to increase volume in your bridal bun and I do my very best to replicate the INSPIRATION that you love, but it is impossible for it to look exactly the same on a different canvas. It's a sad fact girls, even with my hair extensions, highlights, bronzer, cheekbone highlighter and nude lipstick...I just don't look like JLo on Pinterest and neither will you. Although my husband says I do.

**Side note: Find husband who says you look like JLo. 

2. Pinterest photos are almost always photoshopped.

"GASP! It cannot be true!"

It is true.

Filters are used to cool down blondes, photoshop is used to smooth things out (like skin texture) and make things look shiny (like hair or cheekbones). How do I know? Because I do it too! Yes! You read that correctly! I do! And so does every single hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer in the industry who is successful. The makeup and hair industry is all about illusion. It's a fantasy world that we have created and photoshop and filters enhance the beauty of the photos to better express that fantasy. It truly is a form of art and these tools allow us to express our artistic vision. You may consider it cheating and that's fair, but it doesn't change it from being a reality. 

3. I am not the person who did that makeup application or hairstyle. I really don't know how that hairstyle was pinned, what sponge size they used (if any), what eyeshadow or highlighter was used, what camera the photo was taken on, etc. etc. etc. etc. Asking me to replicate someone else's work exactly, is like asking Picasso to paint a Van Gogh

**Side Note: I don't think I'm Picasso or Van Gogh...although my husband thinks I'm JLo.

When choosing your hairstylist or makeup artist, you need to look at THEIR work and see if you like their aesthetic and sense of style. If you don't, then please go look at other artists. When shopping for a tattoo artist, it is imperative to look at portfolios to ensure that artist's style matches your artistic vision. It is really no different for makeup and hair stylists. 

In summary, although Pinterest is an excellent resource for inspiration, it is just not possible to replicate those looks exactly on someone else. Shop carefully when choosing a stylist and make sure that their aesthetic is in par with your desired look. Then give them a little bit of freedom to let the magic happen!  

Thank you for reading my blog and share if you agree!