Emily + Brandon

Photography by Catherine Farquharson (http://www.documentographer.com/)

One of the things that I love most about my job as a makeup and hair artist is the fact that I continually reencounter people from my past who I would have otherwise never seen again. In this wedding, I knew the groom Brandon from high school. I remember him vividly as an unbelievably genuine and kind guy who was loved by everyone! When I got an email from his fiancee Emily Stock about doing her makeup and hair for their wedding day, I was thrilled that I was able to be a part of it and that I got to meet the girl who stole this guy's heart!

Read below about how I designed Emily's signature bridal style. 

I'm going to be honest here, Emily is one heck of a beautiful woman without a lick of makeup on, so my job was not that hard at all.  Beyond that though, what stands out the most about her, is the warmth and kindness that she radiates from the inside. From the moment that she walked into the studio and introduced herself, I just knew she was going to be lovely to work with.

Emily was extremely easygoing when it came to designing her bridal look. She showed me a photo of an elegant and simple up do for inspiration which had a braided element to it and explained to me that she wanted her makeup to be fresh, glowing and natural. She then just totally let go of the control and let me create it. Our initial trial turned out like this:

After the trial, I always ask my bride's to send me a list of "revisions" to execute on the day of the wedding in order to create their ideal bridal look. Because Emily is so easygoing, all she asked for was that the lipstick colour be a warmer pink tone instead of the cooler pink which I used on her. I always feel like the bridal trial is as much for the bride to test out the look as it is for me as an artist to test out the canvas. Once I know how things look on the bride, I can customize it a little bit more to make it that much better. In true obsessive-compulsive-Gabi fashion, I analyzed her photos extensively before the wedding day and came up with some revisions of my own.  I felt like in the trial, I extended the eyeliner too close to the inside of her eye which made her eyes appear smaller. I knew that if I took some of this darkness away and removed the illusion of depth, that I could create a really wide-eyed look which I felt was more suitable to Emily's overall personality and sense of style. 

This is what we ended up with: 


Thank you to Brandon for referring me and trusting me to take care of your beautiful wife and to Emily for being such an absolute pleasure to work with. Brides like you consistently remind me why it is that I love my job so very much. Congratulations!!!